Keeping old installation downloads - am I the only one that does this?

After almost every new release there are a number of users who are adversely affected. Every time this happens it is followed by the inevitable “can I roll back?”. Obviously the answer to this is no, and understandably so. In order to mitigate against this I keep the installation downloads, including the APK files for Android, of previous releases. From time to time I delete these, but I’ve always got a working version as a fall back option.

Now my question is this - am I alone? Does anybody else keep older releases. And yes I know that this doesn’t work for iOS remotes!

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I don’t keep the old installers. Given the way Roon’s updates work and the interaction between the Core and Remotes, I have a “don’t look back” attitude. Sometimes risky but it has not resulted in any major issues, plus I don’t know what I would do with the previous installers.

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Same here. One could install older builds and restore a backup (if necessary), I suppose, but I’ll rather practice Tai Chi or spin a record in the worst case. It will come back and it’s not the end of the world.


It’s surprisingly straightforward to roll back. 5 minutes work. I’ve never needed to do it but have tested it out, just for fun. :joy: :sob:

I suppose I’m just a belt and braces sort of person. A sort of Roon prepper. :rofl:



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Almost same approach but as I do not have any hardware to play my few records (cds), I save sometimes the current release with a backup next to it.

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I just setup a 1.6 server, so yes, others do keep older versions.


I’ll bet there’s a black market for those!

Or you could scalp low numbers at the deli.


Why don’t you just turn off automatic updates and ignore the “nag” until you feel that all new update issues are addressed and any further fixes issued ?

With the complexity or My/Your/Roon’s infrastructure there is no guarantee that an update will affect you in the same way as a user with an issue .

I normally accept the update as it arrives , also given that an update is likely to make structural changes to the db , Roll Back probably requires a restore of an older db as well.

I am using ROCK and a Naim Unity Atom HE (Roon Ready) , and previously a Rpi4/RoPieee with a Windows 10 core. I have never been aware of an update issue on my system (tempts fate :smiling_imp:).

I may be wrong but I suspect some issues are on less “Standard” core set ups ?

I keep the files for Roon 1.8 Legacy for rather obvious reason.

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But how will this really help? I mean, if Internet is off, installing a pre-2.0 version, even if you have it, won’t work without a check-in to Roon. So you have to have it running, checked in within 30 days, to use it, right?

I can see the concern. Indeed I strongly disagree with Roon’s decision not just to degrade the experience if off-line, but literally to make it not work. But I don’t understand how having an install that won’t work until the Internet comes back on provides any comfort.

I’ve assumed it will be vinyl, cassette, minidisc, and some old Foobar version if Internet is off…

I know that this is a response to @Oggie and therefore makes sense. My rollback option presupposes internet connection.

I stay with Roon 1.8 Legacy. No plan to upgrade to 2.0 until it would work without active Internet.

In that it certainly makes sense to keep 1.8 Legacy downloads on file!

I think you’ll have a long wait.