Keeping playlist while changing user account

Before I go ahead and damage something, I thought I’d ask this quick question here. If I change the Roon user account on a Roon Core, do the playlists and library albums that were created under the previous account remain accessible? I.e. are they tied to a core, or tied to a user account? Many thanks in advance.

Hi Daan. When I changed user accounts I lost everything, library database & playlists. I basically had to start from scratch with Roon. Maybe I did something wrong but it seems that the library database is linked to the specific user account (I think there is something in the Knowledge Base that indicates this). Make a screen shot or copy of your playlists so that they can be recreated if need be.

It still puzzles me why someone should want to do this?

@support is there a way round this?

They are tied to a user account. However I believe you can move your local playlists over.
See this post for producing the .m3u file

Note the tracks must be in your library.

You can now import the m3u file into your new account - see this KB article.

If you just want to change the e-mail address:

Maybe this should get it’s own FAQ-entry?

It’s not common and I’m not saying that the OP is doing this, but the reason often is to abuse extended trial codes that come with hardware.

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Thank you for all the replies. The reason was that I “lent” a friend my own account for some time (so not playing any music at home during that time), and he was now fully convinced about the awesomeness of Roon, and wanted to keep playing with it, so he decided to buy a lifetime subscription (and I wanted my own account back). In the meantime, he had created a few playlists he understandably wanted to keep. Ah well, he’ll need to recreate them, no real harm done. Though it would be a good feature to have (and it doesn’t sound that complicated to me, if a playlist can be considered as a list of file-pointers).

Export your playlists. Then reimport them. The pls files will be picked up