Keeping state Roon app on Android

Hi there,

I often use my Oneplus 6T with the Roon app to control my endpoints.

A large part of the usability of apps is snappyness. Speed. If it’s slow i’m annoyed already.

What I do a lot is pausing music and continue to play. Because i get a call, or I want to see a cute guy do a silly dance on Tiktok. (Yeah, I know)

  1. If I click the Roon app icon it often starts with an error message because it’s (re)connecting to my Roon server. The (re)discovery of the Roon server can take a sec. But displaying an error message is ugly. The first thing you show to your customer is: This does not look good. I think Roon should adjust this in the UX. I also want to know if Roon app first tries to reconnect to the IP it was connected to or starts again with disovering the Roon server in my network. If the last situation is the case: Please fix this.
  2. As mentioned before, if I click the app icon, if often start with regaining state by first (re)connecting with Roon. But if I don’t click the app icon and retrieve the app from background I does not always do this. What I understand from devs is that recovering from background should be default. Now it’s (often) better to pull the app with state from background to avoid the (re)connecting Roon and recollecting state cycle.

Music is an activity. An activity all Roon users care deeply for. But the activity can be messy. I do have moments that I just start an album and let Roon Radio figure it our for the rest of the evening and sit back in my chair mesmerized by the music.

But I do have chaotic more restless evenings too: Not knowing what to listen for. Switching a lot. Being busy on my laptop or phone. Roon should adjust for my chaotic periods too. Adjust the app for that. Make it more seemless.

Just my 2 cents.

Love from Amsterdam. Stay healthy, sane and inside.


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Hi Bram I made this suggestion to another user this morning, so I will just paste the same thing here to hopefully help you out.

I can also recommend using OnePlus settings to exclude Roon from Battery optimisation so it doesn’t get swapped out of memory. You can find this under Settings and Apps and Special App access (OnePlus 8 with Android 11)

Give it a try, hopefully it will get you to where you want to be.



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Hi Mike,

Thank you for this tip. I changed my settings and will see if this changes things for the good.

Kind regards,


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