KEF Connect UI with streaming services (Qobuz, Deezer)


I own the LS50WII and am currently streaming with Deezer and Qobuz (trying to decide if I can hear a difference) and I wonder about the poor Connect app UI when using external services. Going into Deezer or Qobuz via the Connect app and the sorting of your saved albums and artists seem very random and messy. Some may be in order of date added and others seem bundled up with no logical order.

Is there no way in the Connect app to sort the albums (reliably) alphabetically? Or either after album title or artist? I don’t see an option to choose sorting method. Makes browsing kind of redundant and easier to just do a search every time you’re looking for something. I prefer to use the Connect app via the phone to connect directly over wi-fi. Going through the apps natively (Deezer, Qobuz) from the phone I have to resort to Chromecast which isn’t ideal. Almost makes me want to go back to Tidal with their Connect option but would like to stay with either Deezer or Qobuz.

Have you tried using Roon to find/sort/select your Qobuz/Deezer favourites. They should be in the Roon My Library. Of course they will be combined with any albums on your local network (computer or NAS) but can be sorted by artist, most played, album name, etc.