KEF Egg or Muo, or other 'active bookshelf' type speakers

I’ve been looking for the same thing. If Bluesound Roon support materializes, the Bluesound Pulse Flex looks like it could fit the bill. Has anyone tried this speaker in a non-Roon context?

I"ve been happily sending Audio from my Android remotes running Roon to Bluetooth speakers for years now.

Dont be too sure about that. I will test again when I get home, but hazy in my memory, I think I had 3 android remotes and a PC remote all grouped in one zone, so that would be with RAAT.

Wow, cool. See, us iPhone users haven’t got a clue!

Yes, just tested. Android phones as endpoints can be grouped with other RAAT zones. Android zones by default come as private. You need to uncheck the private switch and it can then be put in a group. That is how I have Two Android devices feeding 2 individual sets of speakers, grouped. And then control that gouped zone with a different phone. So each android with speakers is outside on different levels of the patio.

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so you can output to bluetooth from an android phone remote and I’d imagine a windows laptop/tablet would be able to do the same…

I would assume so.

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Yes, it can. I sometimes couple a Bluetooth speaker to my ThinkPad 10 or Surface 3 for music outdoors.

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