KEF IR remote issue

Anyone else having issues with IR remotes (TV/cable box) signals changing volume and turing off their LS50W?

For instance, my cable remote, when i hit the “last channel” button, it turns the speakers off or on, or when I am in the channel guide, the page up page down turns the volume of the KEFs up or down. What really makes this frustrating is that it doe not happen all the time.

What make is the cable box?

Motorola DCT6416 III
The remote control is model #UR4U-MDVR2B
Doesn’t happen all the time which is weird.

This weekend when I pressed the volume up button on the remote it turned the LS50W off. This has happened only once but it was troubling.

The IR-Codes of my Harman/Kardon CD-Player seems to be the same with the KEF-LS50 Wireless.
When I press “Skip” with the remote of teh HK, it skips and even the LS-50 react.
II’m afraid that can happen and is unavoidable

with mine it seems like it’s a random thing. Sometimes it’ll increase the volume or decrease the volume and other times it just turns the speaker on or off. It’s gotten to the point where, when this happens, I have to unplug the speakers so that I don’t keep cycling them when I’m surfing TV from something to watch and then plug them back in when I find something I want to watch. Very frustrating.

I’m using a Logitech Harmony remote with mine. Much better.

I just noticed that the last button I use on the KEF remote is the action that is affected by my cable box remote. So if the last button I used on the KEF remote is the source selection button then any time I hit a button on the cable box remote it switches sources on the KEF.

There is still an element of randomness , it doe not always happen, and it only certain buttons on the remote.