Kef KC62 burn-in and cable

I read very much about LS50 burn-in time, they should sound better after 100 or 200 hours of playing according to what I read in the past everywhere.

It’s the same concept valid also for the KC62?

Will the KC62 benefit of “high-end” RCA cables or, considering that it handles low frequencies, a cheap or a better cable should not matter?

Same concept. Whether it is true or not . . . let the melee begin.
A good quality cable. copper vs cca. will make a difference.
A brand name will not.
My $0.02

I know headphone cables and burn-in can make a huge difference. So, speaker cables might also.

Jim, at best it’s the transducer’s compliant parts settling in over the first couple hours.

“Burn-in” of electronic devices in the real world is done to eliminate early failures before they reach the customer.
It has nothing to do with improving the sound - a myth spread by the audiophile press.
Come to think about it, why should burn-in always improve the sound, as it’s purported?

Different cables, though, may really make an audible difference if they vary wildly in their intrinsic capacitance/inductance/resistance values thus interacting differently with the input and output stages of the combined devices.

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When I received my new Focal Clear headphones, I didn’t like them. They were entirely too bright. I almost returned them. After about a month they started to sound very good and now, many months later, they are, by far, my favorite.

Switching from standard to Moon Audio Black Dragon cable also made a huge difference.

It’s all good. My KC62 is hooked up with an Amazon Basics subwoofer cable.

Sounded pretty good when I turned it on. Still does 9 months later.