KEF LS 50 meta with KEF KC62 suggested settings

I use a NAIM Uniti Atom to drive my KEF LS 50 metas… the set up is in a difficult attic master bedroom/listening area with angled walls ( that I have acoustically treated and used various foam inserts in the port). I indulged in a KEF KC62 and moved it into various positions in the room and changed settings …anyone have ideas on a particular “sweet spot” on the KC62 settings to pair with the Naim and the LS50 metas? … I’m getting worn out crawling on the floor, changing the location of the KC62 and the settings…Thanks!

This video might help :slight_smile: I also have the Metas and really considering this sub. How do you like it so far and how much does it improve the Metas?

I use a REL S3 SHO with mine

Although you’ll still need to crawl around a bit, the easiest way is to put the sub where you sit - then, head down, listen for the best bass response where the sub will sit

In my last room, RELs ‘in the corner, bring it out a bit’ approach didn’t work

Using the sub/head reversed trick quickly found me the right spot - then I used the KEF software to tweak the crossover and level

I actually put a coffee table on the sofa, and the REL on the coffee table to get it to ear height ish