KEF LS50 WII no longer showing as Roon Ready


My KEF LS50 WII on firmware 2.0 are no longer showing as Roon Ready. There are still available via AirPlay and chromecast.

I believe this started since (or at least I only noticed since) updating Roon to version 1.8

Anyone has similar issues?


Nobody it seems. I guess a factory reset is coming up, AirPlay isn’t going to cut it long term.

Maybe @Ben_Hagens can help you :slight_smile:

A reset did the trick, quite painless really to setup again in the KEF connect app. Firmware stayed on 2.0 and I skipped the Google Home setup this time.

Happy to read you’ve sorted it out.

Hi - I have the same issue here. Just to check, when you did a reset, was that of your core server or the speakers?

It was a reset of the speakers.

Hope it works for you too! No issues for me since.

Thanks so much, that sorted the problem! I had a few challenges resetting the speakers as they discovered a random issue connecting to WIFI, but all sorted.