KEF LS50 Wireless and KC62 suggested crossover presets values

Hi, I just got myself a KEF KC62 to go with my LS50 Wireless, not the Wireless II. I manage to tune the crossovers using Control App expert mode with values as suggested for Wireless II.

I find the setting a good starting as it’s not over empowering for the sub, but when I try to switch back to BASIC Mode on the app, a warning pops up and said there is a conflict of setting. Did I do something wrong, or the settings only apply to Wireless II and not Wireless I?

I believe that the settings you are changing can only be used in expert mode. When you switch back to Basic mode it gives you this warning and will change the settings back to basic.

Thanks. As the message indicates conflict, was worried the settings might create a frequency gap or lapse. Appreciate for clearing it up.

@bearFNF is absolutely right.

Just to further clarify - the main difference between Basic and Expert is the way the information is presented - distances vs decibels in ‘on a desk’ and ‘desk mode’ (Basic/Expert). So if you change most parameters in Basic, it changes it in Expert too.

There are a couple of settings that don’t directly translate though - phase correction and the separated HPF/LPF settings. Phase correction is always on in Basic mode, so there isn’t an ‘off’ value for it. Same with HPF and LPF settings.

What you can do, if you prefer to use the Basic mode settings for most of the options, is to do what you need to do in basic mode, then switch to expert mode and play with the phase and HPF/LPF settings in there. That will transfer everything you’ve done in Basic mode over. As long as you don’t flip back to Basic mode, everything you’ve done will keep.


I believe there is also a way to save the settings you make so that you can reapply them, unfortunately my app is refusing to connect at the moment so I can not verify this.

Thanks Ben for clarifying further and the detail write up in setting up the subwoofer. I’m comfortable with the expert setting, was worried I might have done something wrong to get that warning.

As you have suggested, I tweak the speakers in basic layman mode and move to expert mode for the rest of the settings.

Thank you for the tip, will try it out tonight.

Yup, you can save a number of EQ profiles, name them etc.

So you know, I was having issues connecting due to my VPN on my phone, once I turned it off, it I connected to the KEF. Will need to figure out a work around.