KEF LS50 Wireless does not play music

I have a new pair of KEF LS50 Wireless, and I’m a new Roon user, hoping this will make the experience much better. Music is on a MyBookLive network hard drive, which is mounted to my Windows PC. Music is mostly in ALAC format.

Installed Roon and I can play music on my PC. Roon sees the KEFs and gives me the option to output to them. But when I try to play a song, there is no sound.

What am I missing?

I also can play Spotify (through Spotify app) over the KEFs, and when I press Play on Roon, the Spotify output stops, so it does seem like the KEFs have a connection to the Roon.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hm, here’s another clue. I am trying to play through a Cambridge Audio CXN, and I get the same result: no sound plays.

The CXN will play songs if I go directly through the MyBookLive/Twonky server. But Roon can’t seem to start music on the CXN.

Seems like lots of problems here ask about network connection…my PC and hard drive and CXN are hardwired Ethernet. KEFs are on WiFi, which seems to work fine so far for Spotify.

Volume setting in roon for the Kee endpoint?

Volume is not-zero.

In the bottom bar, the song time does not tick off seconds…so Roon doesn’t think it’s playing.

Also: I can play the ALAC files through KEF Stream app. It’s just not very pleasant to do so.

No firewalls turned on for the core?

Is that a CXN or CXN2?

CXN. Not CXN v2.

Firewalls…ok I poked around a bit. I may have had Windows thinking my home network was ‘public’ not ‘private’, which has more permissions. Also in Windows I turned on Media Streaming. In the firewall, it appears that Roon has permissions to go through it:

What else could I be missing? I wish Roon would detect the problem and give me some info…

Thank you all for your insights!

One thing that’s a little funny about my setup…The My Book Live is an ethernet-attached hard drive:

I mount that on my Windows PC as Z:. I pointed Roon to Z:/Shared Music/ to load my library.

And anything from the library plays on my PC. But I cannot drive the CXN or the KEFs.

Maybe Roon needs to know the special nature of Z:? Or pull directly from the Twonky server on \mybooklive, instead of as a ‘disk’ network-mounted on Z: ?

I’m a bit out of my element here, grasping…

Thanks again for the help.

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I don’t think the v1 CXN is roon ready.


It’s working now.

I rebooted the PC, and everything seems fine. I can play on the CXN and the KEFs.