Kef Ls50 wireless -gen 1 - another lament

I have read the posts about all the folks with problems with this beautiful machine. Can I just say first that these two boxes have produced the best sound I have heard in my life (although I don’t have a lot of audiophile friends with incredible systems so I am still living in Plato’s lossy cave). Anyway, all the bad things are happening short of a complete systems failure. Ever since I got it, refurbished, the streamer will often crash when you ask its paltry brain to do something difficult, like remember the next track in a playlist, or play the next track when roon starts making suggestions. The fix? Just unplug it and start over. Has always worked like a charm, but now I’m wondering if I blew or fried something having done this 100 times. Now, it’s also toying with the idea of left speaker failure, which happens from time to time - a new lament. All of this leads to a question: is the problem the streamer, which I can head off by attaching a dedicated streamer like a Node 2i? Or am I just pooched? Thanks, Gang.

Could be a little bit of both.
First I would check to make sure you have the latest firmware.

If you do have the latest firmware, then try a factory reset. If you don’t then update and then do a factory reset.

You might try hooking something directly to the speakers (not Roon, just an audio output from a device) for a while and see if the issues persist, (i.e. RCA aux, optical in, USB from a computer, or even Bluetooth)

Other things to check would be the ethernet cable between speakers, input cables, network ethernet, etc. Basically all the connections to see if a cable is flaky.
Is your power (mains plug from your house) reliable or does it fluctuate? If it is flaky, like mine, you might try adding a UPS (battery power Uninterruptable Power Supply).

I’ve noticed a few flaky issues over the years I have had mine (I also had the failing left speaker that required a return and replacement of the main boards). Oh, and if you didn’t know already, the KEF apps have been poor at best, they have gotten better with updates, but still not great.

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