Kef LS50 Wireless II and Roon

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Ethernet and WiFi - Poste Luxembourg

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KEF LS50 Wireless II/ Ethernet connection
MacBook Pro running Roon

Description Of Issue
Hi. I can not enable the LS50 wireless speakers II with Roon. It seems they are not yet certified. Is that correct ? In this case I can only use AirPlay connection, not Ethernet connection of the speakers. Correct ? So the sound quality will be better once the speakers can be enabled. Correct ? When will be the LS50 II certified ? Thanks. Joao

Hi Joao there is a long thread about this on the forums.
The KEF software is still in testing, based on feedback it is hoped that this will be certified in early April, but there is no guarantee about this.

Hi thank tou very much

No problem and hopefully this is sorted out for you and all the other users soon

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