KEF LS50 wireless II difference between wireless and wired inter-speaker cable

Can someone explain what KEF means with higher resolution 192Khz/24 bit when using the inter-speaker cable between the two speakers? Via ROON i cannot see any difference in resolution between wired or wireless connection (connected between themselves), see yellow in the pictures below.

Anything is playing well (DSD, DXD, MQA and PCM > 192Khz) but all music is down(or up)sampled to 96Khz, wired or wireless makes no difference.

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Léon Jehae

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With the cable connected – is the option for Cable mode set in the KEF Connect app?

Your signal path should look something like this (when playing a 192kHz source):

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Thnx René, that did the job, muchas gracias :+1:

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Although, now 192Khz/24 is also playing wireless??? :see_no_evil:

I doubt it. Cable disconnected, switch flipped off?

Anyway – I just keep the cable connected at all times, as I can easily hide it from view and I like networked gear I depend on to be wired – way too often that’s the difference between ‘should work’ and ‘does work’.

KEF does resample anything coming into the LS50 to the bitrate of the interconnect (96kHz wireless, 192kHz wired). Makes no audible difference as far as I’m concerned – but it’s good to know:

(MQA is not resampled though – it is shipped to the second speaker ‘as is’, with both speakers performing the core decode and the second unfold individually).

Indeed, i’ve read the article about MQA on John Darko’s website. Check in weekend (again) if i get 192/24 wireless also. (I always use wired but check it anyway). Thnx again for your service.

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Via MQA with KC62 added:

Looking good. Love the KC62!

Maybe a bit offtrack, but been very interested in the KEF LS50 wireless II and had a listening session at the local dealer.
They sound quite bright and a bit shrill in the midrange, is this your experience?
Maybe they are toned a bit like this or?

Now added the KW1 to the system, connection isn’t always stable (distance only 2m). Bassound drops every 2 sec. Reboot subwoofer helps to correct this as long as the LS50WII are not going in standby mode for a long(er) period.

Hi Leon,

Is the transmitter sitting on top of the speaker? If yes, move it off, as it might be interference.

Otherwise, give changing the RF band on the transmitter and receiver to the other band (so if it’s showing blue lights, change them to green as per the manual process).

Another possibility, if you can get power to it, is swap the transmitter to the output on the other speaker.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for all suggestions, it was on top of the (main) speaker indeed. I will investigate if the problem is disappearing now. Further, the speakers are under a airconditioning with a buildin WIFI-module also (for remote control).

Best regards,

PS. I use the USB-power (from service) on the back of the LS50WII for convenience, not a seperate power supply, that is allowed? (couldn’t find the level of current output)

I would try a mains power supply adapter as well, that USB is really meant for service.

In terms of the aircon, I think at least 50cm distance should be ok, which I imagine it would be.