KEF LS50 won't play hi res above 96FLAC

I have read the posts for this category, but either I don’t understand the responses or they didn’t fix the issue.

The sound plays, but is completely broken up. I can play 96FLAC and below fine. The KEFs have the latest firmware.

Mac OS Catalina
3GHz 6 core intel i5
8GB 2662MHz DDR4
Connected via ethernet

Hab the Same Problem. It seems 192khz works only with a lan wire attached to the ls50w from router. Wired connection is the best way to fix this.

The speakers are connected to an Ethernet switch, which is wired directly to the router.

try resetting the LS50W and reinstalling Roon, maybe it helps!

None of the suggestions have worked so far. I have attached a screen shot of the signal path. Any other ideas?

From what I’ve read…there are a problem with some LS50w units playing over 96kHz. Mine have the same problem and has nothing to do with wireless speed. I’m getting my speakers replaced and hopefully the replacements will come in the next few days. I’ll keep everyone posted…if anyone’s interested.

Same problem with me over wired or wireless ethernet. I had mine swapped out and the second pair worked perfectly. It’s a known issue on the KEF side, nothing to do with your Roon setup.

Ok. Got the second pair and it now works great. Over wifi or LAN.

Hi guys,
I’ve bought a pair of LS50W and found out it cannot play any high res files above 96khz. I contacted KEF distributor and after a few emails they agreed to swap another pair. However after swapping the new pair still doesn’t work. They are from the same fabrication date (Jan 2019). Is there something wrong with that batch that KEF didn’t aware of?