KEF LS50W II + Tidal Connect Issue

Hi guys,

Not a Roon issue but wondered if anyone was experiencing similar issues. I’ve been using Tidal Connect via iOS to stream to the KEFs, but functionality seems to have stopped with recent Tidal updates (around the time they reconfigured the Tidal Connect UI to the top of the interface).

I can see and select the KEFs via Connect, and they switch on, but music is paused with the play symbol frozen (triangle symbol). Trying to toggle it to play doesn’t do anything - just stays as is.

Can get it running via my MacBook, which works fine, but really want the iOS functionality back. Any ideas?

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This problem is so incredibly annoying. Until I got Roon working, I considered selling my new WIIs. I’ve abandoned the tidal app and kef connect. Roon is so much better.

Using Roon mainly. Will do some testing on iPhone 12 tomorrow and let you know!

Hi Caleb,

I’ve not been with my pair of LS50WII over the weekend, but jumped straight onto checking this with two pairs this morning here in Hong Kong. Through an iPhone 12, I’m having no issue with Tidal through it’s own Connect or our KEF Connect app.

Could you try again, replicate, and then immediately pop into KEF Connect. Go into Settings->Support and report the issue. This will send the speaker logs to the customer service team and developers so they can have a look into what might be causing your issue.

Thanks Ben - will do tonight when I’m home. Using an iPhone XS my end.

Just sent a support ticket - issue still seems to be happening. Guessing it could be home-wifi related but hasn’t been a problem till very recently.

Update - KEF Support got back to me informing this had been escalated to the dev team who are working on a fix which should roll out with the next FW update. Good news for anyone else having this issue.

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