Kef LS50W: room size and heavy metal music

Hi everybody,

please tell me if for a 20 square meters (4,5meters X 4,5meters :frowning: )sized room these Kef will “fill” fine.

I had the passive but I am aware they are a different animal (according of what I read).

Also, tell me if they will be enjoable with heavy metal to progressive metal stuff.

Thanks in advance!

Which model?

Kef LS50W, in particular, I ask whether those speakers will deliver a decent “weight” to the instruments like the drums.

It wouldn’t be my first choice for heavy metal. Big cabinets and drivers needed.


I was ready for the order… now I am not sure.

Do you think they deserve a try or they are absolutely bad for rock/metal?

Buy it !! Hear this with DeepPurple and Metalica. The Bass its hearing not Feelin…

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If you ever manage to get metal sounding good from a digital source, let me know. I’ve never been happy with the way it sounds from a CD. I miss the edge you get with vinyl.

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Did you ever tried a digital source with a old vintage amp and speakers (3 ways sealed boxes)?

Not a direct comparison, but i have q350s (similar drivers size/config) and they sound very nice cranking out some Ozzy at the moment. I do run a sub with them not sure what your setup will be.

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Actually I have a 5.1 so I will keep the subwoofer.

Speak about your room sizes please.

Marco - I use the KEF LS50W in a similar sized room (4.5 x 6 metres), with a subwoofer (KEF Kube 8b). Personally I find them excellent with all kinds of music. I listen to a variety of genres from folk to rock and some heavy metal. If needed they go plenty loud and have no trouble with delivering great sound quality and weight! A lot depends on personal tastes and your room, but the DSP options in the speaker app allow a lot of “room” for tailoring the sound to your preferences.

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I was listening to Metallica’s Black Album, System of a Down - Toxicity and High on Fire -Blessed Black Wings on my LS50W today. They blew me away as usual! I really recommend a sub though, for metal.
I was running mine at volume 70 (Out of 100) with volume levelling on -14 LUFS, and was getting 90dB at my sofa, so… definitely loud enough!

My room is 7 metres long by 3 1/2 metres wide. My speakers fire across the width of the room, so across the narrow part of a rectangle.
I sit about 2 1/2 metres away from each speaker.

If you set them up correctly, the sound completely envelops you.

I use a touch of Roon PEQ with mine because I like a slightly scooped mid range and a bit of a warmer bass, so I boost 80Hz and below by 3dB and reduce 1 and 3 KHz by 2dB.
This may be needed because of the effects of my room. But that’s the great thing about Roon DSP, you can tweak these things until you get a sound you like. (Within reason. You’ve got to make sure you don’t overdo it with EQ)

I also up-sample everything to the Kefs’ maximum sample rate (24/192) as this gives me a slightly smoother sound, more akin to analogue.

The LS50W take a good few hours to run in and can have a more sharp sound out of the box, but they mellow up quite a bit after a couple of hours and get much better after 24 or so.

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I’m planning on doing room EQ and setting up a convolution filter soon so I hope to improve them still further.

Beware though… they sound so good, I’ve started listening to Jazz!! :flushed:

The Horror!


I read carefully all yours point of view about these Kef LS50W, pro and cons, and in the end I decided to order them.


Would they be my first pick to play metal at high volumes all day? No. However, It all comes down to expectations. For an enjoyable listening experience for me, my LS50W’s rock Judas Priest just fine in a relatively large room. Do they ‘rock’ as good as my 1980’s SPL Monitors SPL-4000’s paired to my Rotel RA-1412 amp? Not really, but the difference has more to do with the size of the drivers (and the air being moved) than with the LS50’s themselves.

If you want to play metal at moderate to higher volumes I’d start looking thru the Klipsch product line or even better head over to the Tekton website.

What do you mean with “large”?

I looking for an all-rounder speakers that allow me to play all kind of music in a very fine way. Also movies. Maybe I pretend too much. I know.

By the way, now I pulled the trigger, they are arriving to me, I hope they will fill my needs.

My room is small to medium sized (4,5 meters x 4,5 meters).

8m x 8m (but a partial L shape).

My point is there are better “rock” monitors out there but not many better all-rounders with the packaging of the LS50W’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I own and love my LS50W’s. I dumped all my separate components (for music listening) and haven’t looked back. I also foresee downsizing to a much smaller home in the near future so the LS50W will be an even better fit.


Depends on what you call a vintage amp. Not much difference in sound between my current Marantz amp and my eighties Yamaha.

My old speakers were 3 way sealed boxes, my current ones are 4,5 way vented. Sound is better with the vented boxes, but still vinyl sounds less polished, especially with NWOBHM albums.

And about movies?