KEF LS50W streaming fix

Hi all, further to my last post on this forum I wanted to share my fix for the streaming problems on my KEF LS50W speakers that I was having.

Numerous people have mentioned problems streaming music to these speakers. It was fixed partially for me when I combined my Tidal subscription with Roon. Roon was able to see the speakers instantly on my network and set them up for streaming. Both Roon and Tidal work seamlessly together. I was however still experiencing the odd (very annoying) dropout whilst streaming.

The thing that has fixed it properly for me was to add a Netgear X4S wifi extender at the backend of my lounge room close to the speakers. I think the signal prior to this was fluctuating and causing the dropouts. This extender model might have been overkill as the Netgear X4S was one of the more expensive options out there, but I wanted to future proof my network as much as possible and get the strongest signal as possible as well.

Now, all the KEF apps work perfectly with no dropouts. Using Roon and my iphone as a remote also works perfectly with no dropouts. I’m very happy indeed with this solution and I hope that it might help other KEF LS50W owners out there who have been experiencing similar problems with loosing the Roon core and dropouts in general from the KEF apps.

Loving the Roon experience along with Tidal and the KEF LS50W’s sound amazing.