KEF LS50WII and rooDial Extension, new problem

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC, with ipad Roon Remote app

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi, no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

KEF LS50WII, wireless

Number of Tracks in Library

Very small library

Description of Issue

An extension feature used to work, until KEF updated their LS50WII firmware to 2.5. Perhaps you can contact KEF and report this as a Roon Ready problem?

I have rooDial, an extension by DrCWO, that allows a MS Surface Dial to be used as a volume controller. A configurable feature allowed a long press on the dial to put the system into Standby/Off, but not anymore.

DrCWO says on the Roon volume slider, a blue power icon should be present along with the usual icons for Displays, Sleep Timer, DSP, etc. It is not there.

If that blue power button is missing during playback to my KEFs, then the new KEF firmware seems to have no more support for Standby. This means my rooDial also cannot activate Standby.

Roon Ready should provide this, especially as it already worked previously. I think this might be worth a question to KEF support.

Rob, I recategorized and moved this to the KEF section to see if anyone there may have some ideas. Due to the use of an extension, this may also involve the Tinkering section.

Will Roon contact KEF on this issue?

I don’t believe so as this involves an extension. You may need to contact the developer of the extension.

I don’t have the DrCWO extension but have also lost the power button in Roon for the LS50W2s and others have reported this also.

I was told to check the KEF app setting speaker preferences/standby- just need to make sure you have it enabled choose ECO, 30, or 60. Do not select NEVER

Did that fix the issue for you? Didn’t for me (have always had the 30 option selected).

I will need to try it later, not home now. But I am pretty sure I had not selected Never. Thought had ECO selected

Is there a fix for the power button disappearance?

I am not aware of any fix as yet. Really hoping that someone from KEF comes on to acknowledge the issue and explain whether the feature has been intentionally removed or whether there is a glitch (and if so give us some assurance that they are working on it). If it is a Roon issue, then it would be good for KEF to acknowledge that … and work with Roon to resolve it.

KEF is slow to accept responsibility, slower to respond, and even slower to fix.

My Roon request for support stated I need the power button to use a feature on an Extension app, rooDial volume controller, and so they indicated it was an extension problem.

Maybe if I reframed the problem, Roon could work on it, or contact KEF directly.

One could only hope.


Rob, I agree. I definitely don’t think there is an extension problem; I don’t have the extension but my power button is missing. KEF support needs to properly verify these issues before sending people down rabbit holes.
I’ve recently been considering upgrading my speakers to LS60s but am putting that on hold as I am just not convinced the support offering is really up to scratch.

You may want to ask @Ben_Hagens who represents KEF in the Roon forum. He may be able to provide some insight.

It’s being looked into as we speak by the development team, I don’t have any more specifics beyond that

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A hot fix is on its way. I don’t have a time on that, but it sounds like it’ll be muuuuuuuuuuch sooner rather than later. As in within days all being well.


Great! What’s a hotfix? New firmware?
Thanks Ben

@Ben_Hagens, thank you for the update and continued support.

A hot fix is a firmware, but it targets a single thing, whereas a firmware update tends to be a bit more involved/wholesale.

Full marks to KEF for responding to this with the hotfix. Thanks @Ben_Hagens for having pushed this along,

Aaaaaaaand… it should be pushed now, or shortly.