Kef LSX II not Roon certified?

She will be thrilled, and when she looks mildly annoyed, it is just surprise :thinking: :laughing:

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How does WAF fit in with the rolling pin :joy::joy:

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@Mike_O_Neill I threw that rolling pin away as soon as she got on the plane.

Too many bumps on the head over the years, but we never seem to learn our lesson when it comes to our toys and pets. Haha.

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I hope KEF will be able to pull it off fast with the Roon certification, given that the platform is the same for LS 50 W II, LS60 and LSX II. Fingers crossed.

The new version of LSX really checks all the crosses on my whishlist. Nice setup for my desk.

Regarding chromecast, I did not see that option in Roon for LSX II. Only Airplay so far.

You’ll need to activate the speakers for Chromecast in the Google Home app first – after that they’ll be available in Roon.

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So does each device using Bluos but each device needs to go through full certification and none of theirs pass through easily each time, there is always some things to iron out.

Thanks that did the trick.

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So just an update on this for those that were interested… I ended up sending back the LSX II for a refund.

Basically, they are just too damn big for my desk. I found them to also be not so good with nearfield listening - they sounded great as little hi-fi speakers when placed well apart on stands and sitting well away from them. But on the desk, it didn’t impress me so much - maybe because they need to be driven quite hard (loud) before they sound at their best.

The app wasn’t bad, although I found them kind of sluggish to wake up from sleep. The lack of Roon certification as yet was unfortunate, but even if I got that later I couldn’t live with the physical size of them.

They do look very smart, and I can see they are going for the “looks cool in the home” thing. I don’t really care about looks - but I do care about sound quality and functionality. I might just live without desktop speakers and use headphones for now.

If I do end up getting desktop speakers, I’ll probably forego Roon compatibility (and wireless in general) and just get some good active nearfield monitors, Genelec 8010a, Yamaha HS5, etc…

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I’m interested in adding LSX II (and a subwoofer) to my 5 zone Roon Ready system.

When using the LSX II with the subwoofer output, is it possible to set BOTH high-pass and low-pass crossovers between the LSX II and the subwoofer?

From the KEF LSX II User Manual, p64:

The settings include:
• Desk Mode (On/Off, -10.0 dB to 0.0 dB)
• Wall Mode (On/Off, -10.0 dB to 0.0 dB)
• Treble Trim (-4.0 dB to 4.0 dB)
• Phase Correction (On/Off)
• Bass Extension (Less / Standard / Extra)
• Balance Control (L–C–R)
• Subwoofer model
High-Pass Frequency (On/Off, 50 Hz to 120 Hz)
Sub Out Low-Pass Frequency (40 Hz to 250 Hz)
• Sub Gain (-10 dB to 10 dB)
• Sub Polarity (On/Off)
• Are you using a KW-1?
• Subwoofer delay (-10 ms to 10 ms)

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Are we quietly sneaking up to Roon Ready status for the LSX II? October is fast approaching…