KEF LSX Introduction

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Hi Dan,

LS50W always samples to 24/192kHz

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Great. Thanks for your super quick response @Ben_Hagens. :slight_smile:


I guess this question is in the same category, but …
is there a capacitor in series with the tweeter unit with the purpose of protecting the driver from damaging signals from the amplifier (in case of a fault for example)?

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Got my LSX a couple days ago. They sound incredible. I just posted a question under Nucleus and then found this thread so will ask here @Ben_Hagens maybe can answer too.

I have them wired to each other then to my router via Cat 6. Using Nucleus which sees them as KEF and sounds great. I’m using mostly FLAC files of my own and Tidal.

Question is; I have a Meridien Explorer 2 DAC which unfolds MQA via USB. Am I better to use this DAC in there somehow? If so, how? I prefer not to use my spare USB port on the Nucleus as I have another plan for that. But my iMac is right there so can use that for the DAC if need be but will the Nucleus see the KEF? And is it worth the sound upgrade, if there is one? Thanks for the help

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Hi ogs,

I’ll pose the question when I’m back in the office next week.

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Hi James,

You can use the Explorer into the LSX, but be aware that the analogue input does go through A/D so that we can apply the speaker sound settings, time correction, and of course the interspeaker connectivity.

I’m not sure how much benefit in regards to MQA there will be, as the digital signal will be resampled to 48/24 (Wireless) or 96/24 (wired). You’ll more than likely have a sonic signature change, which you may like, you may not. Doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

In respect to LSX being seen in your proposed setup, I imagine it would be the Explorer that would be seen in Roon instead, as that would technically be the endpoint I believe.

(James Cortez) #107

Hey Ben thanks for the response. Ok I will give it a try and yeah I think you are right, it will be the Explorer seen as endpoint.