KEF LSX + REL TZero subwoofer

Hi there. I just add a REL T0 subwoofer to my LSX through the sub entry. Roon won’t play directly the KEF LSX zone as it used to do before connecting the sub but only the LSX Airplay zone… strange? annoying because the direct LSX sound is much better, and one of the reason I’m using Roon ! any idea anyone? and any idea for the best DSP / settings in Kef control to use with the REL?

No need to post in two places. What happens if you disconnect the sub?

yes sorry wasn’t sure it was in the right section. I tried to disconnect it but the problem is the same: no more KEF streaming…

So it’s probably not something that you did when you added the sub. Did you try rebooting the LSX? Is the LSX wired or wireless?

Wireless. Yes good idea I’ll try rebooting them

They will work better wired. Can you wire them?

you mean the two of them or to the wifi?

Yeeeeah! thanks! I did a reboot and it’s working again!

Awesome. Great news. Maybe it’s just me and I know that they are called “wireless” speakers but they do work best when wired to each other and wired via the ethernet port to your switch.

sure but I liked the wireless thing that’s why I choose them instead of the LS50… I will connect them directly to the router with ethernet though… Thanks again!