KEF or Bluesound wireless speakers

Hi as a recent enthusiastic Roon subscriber I’m looking to upgrade my speaker setup. I currently use headphones I have Sennheiser HD 800 and OPPO MP-3 via Roon/Tidal/Qobuz and a variety of DACs.
I have been considering either KEF or Bluesound wireless speakers. Could someone point me in the right direction as to the best choice I’m not constrained by the price just want a setup that plays nicely with Roon and MQA.
Will appreciate any advice.

Hi Tom. Welcome to the forum. Speakers are something you really need to sample and listen to in person. If you have a dealer nearby who is willing to let you in-home trial them, that is the best possible choice. Otherwise, try to find some of the ones you and interested in and bring along some familiar music to listen to.

Hi Robert. I have recently moved from Sydney to Tasmania and am now restricted to purchasing online, which is ok as I have found a couple of reliable Hi Fi retailers that will dispatch gear to me for free.
This places the onus on me to do my research before I put up the cash.

Hi Tom. That’s a good arrangement if your dealers will let you try before you buy, or permit returns. My speakers are turn of the century Monitor Audio Gold Reference GR 20 (2-sets) plus a set of GR 10. Old but functional. Still love them. I’m doing way more headphone listening these days. I have a set of HD 800 cans as well, with a couple of extra cables.

Meridian 218 and DSP5200SE speakers. Not cheap but they do sound great and play lovely with Roon although use Sooloos protocol and not RAAT. So grouping zones is an overcome level issue. (I use an MS200 to feed a Bluesound and group that way)

Hi I have decided to go with KEF LS50 wireless speakers including the KEF Performance Speaker Stands.
Thanks for the help.