Kernel Panic - new SD card needed

My old build died, I presume on a nightly reboot and then kept hanging on a Kernel Panic. Seems to have broken the SD card, replaced that and all is working again - Once I remembered that it takes a long the first time to boot and build :slight_smile:

Do SD cards get eaten often by the Pi?


That depends. RoPieee uses the SD card in a ‘read-only’ kinda fashion (there’s basically nothing that needs to be written to the SD card), but still: SD cards are subject to wear leveling.

You didn’t took a picture by any chance?

No unfortunately, there was “pressure” to fix it. Has been working with no problems for months so no big deal. If the Pi touch screen mount I had chosen was better and given access to the sd card it would have been a shed lot easier to fix. Love the software.