Kernel Streaming

My first time on here. Just want to say ROON is a big step forward for computer audio. I really like it!

I am personally a big fan of Kernel Streaming. Any chance of that? Please? : )

Seems a bit odd that there is a volume control available in ASIO mode, even though you can’t use it.

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I was not familiar with the term “Kernel Streaming” so I googled it and found this:

Kernel Streaming is achieved when your playback application is talking directly to the soundcard without being affected by the various Windows mixing stages.

Isn’t that what Roon does when Exclusive mode is selected or is there more too it?

Scott I know you are also a big fan of Jplay. I’m using roonserver Asio out to Jplay and Jplay kernel streaming to my dac. I have not had the time to do enough critical listening but so far the differences seem small compared to a Jplay only setup with kernal streaming. Maybe they will be more noticeable in the more optimized setups you work with but this is worth a try. Roon is such a step forward as a user interface esp with its integration with tidal that I’m not as focused on pure sound quality as I might otherwise be.

The best explanation of Kernel Streaming versus ASIO and WASAPI that I have seen is by Josef, one of the creators of JPLAY:

Hi Philr,

I completely agree! I am using JPLAY with ROON and it works wonderfully. You get the fantastic ROON interface with JPLAY sound quality. This is what computer audio needs! : ) It is a great combination.

The only thing at the moment is that you can not use JPLAYStreamer with ROON. But maybe in the future…?


Hi Scott,

Yes the combination is fantastic. I’m really enjoying it. I too would love to get Roon to work with JPlayStreamer. I was hoping this would be possible as Roon seemed to be working with Linn a few months ago and of course JPlayStreamer uses the Linn sponsored OpenHome protocol. However it seems from some of the discussion here on this thred that Roon will not be supporting OpenHome and also have also run into issues supporting Songcast. Linn was one of their hardware partners but it seems no longer.