Keyboard Shortcut for Adding to Playlist

I’m in the throws of creating many playlists in Roon which is quite a task.

Would be great if there was a keyboard shortcut to add a track to the last playlist you added to (instead of clicking the track and hitting the dropdown, clicking “Add To A Playlist” then choosing the desired playlist).

This would really cut down on time spent creating playlists!


Such a shortcut wold be great.

Agreed, bumping this. Such a feature would be amazing. I think we’d need two shortcuts, on macOS for instance:

CMD + Plus
Add currently playing track to playlist … (opens window)

CMD + Shift + Plus
Quickly add track to last playlist added to (just confirm with the little popup)

If any tracks are selected in a list view they would trump the currently playing track when adding.


I like idea, though you can’t type ⌘+ without typing ⌘⇧+ !

But yes, too bad there’s no menu-command for “Add selection to playlist," because you can create your own keyboard shortcut for any menu-command in System Preferences. But that won’t work for this, and adding to a playlist feels like it involves a couple clicks too many when you’re trying to add a lot to a playlist.

I think it is actually quite an essential functionality and I don’t see the difficulty in coding - so begs the question why Roon hasn’t taken action on this?