Keyboard shortcuts for search/focus

I don’t know where to categorize this, so mods please feel free to move it as appropriate.

Is there a keyboard shortcut that does the same as clicking focus and searching from there?

I know of slash (/) but it only searches album title and i think main artist, and I can’t do multiple focuses this way either.

For example, I would like to search for the following using the shortcut:

  • Albums where Chick Corea and John Patitucci plays together
  • Chick Corea Albums under GRP label
  • Albums where Keith Jarrett plays Bach


slash on the browser screens is the same as clicking focus and typing into the filter.

Thanks Danny,

i’ve tried using slash but can’t find a way to filter on multiple focuses.

Is there anyway I can have multiple focus using Slash?
Also, how can I filter by label or performer? the filter seems to search only on album name and main artist.