Kii Three speaker

(Tony) #61

This fact is rarely quoted by reviewers. It makes me wonder how the subjective opinions may have changed if they knew this in advance. Similarly, the Dutch&Dutch 8c only works up to 96kHz input samples I believe (no resampling?), but given the stellar reviews it is picking up (as is the Kii), one could hardly call it a limitation.


I’m definitely not seeing this as a limitation. It is part of the design and is obviously working well.

(danny2) #63

As an owner, I can tell you that the ASRC and DSP n the Kii work very well.
The A/D conversion is transparent, or very close to it. And people who use a turntable with the Kii are reportedly very happy, for instance.
Internal conversion of sample rates also seems to be pretty transparent. I can still hear the difference between DSD and PCM, for instance.
Kii, btw, recommends feeding the system the “native” sample rate of whatever you are playing. Apparently the ASRC deals with each sample rate differently. IME, Kii’s recommendation results in just as good of a result as upsampling material before it arrives at the Kii.


I got some info from Dutch&Dutch today. The AES input on the 8c works up to 96kHz, however as a RAAT device the 8c will accept up to 192kHz and “all incoming signals are converted to the DSP’s working rate”. The message did not state “…the DSP’s working rate”.
Also important is that “Roon takes full control of the volume in the 8c’s”.

In many ways similar to the Kii Three, but the direct Roon integration of the 8c is a plus in my book. No timeline was given for release of RAAT, but I’d guess ‘soon’ as this is being tested now.


I heard the 8c’s at home ten days ago, Roon playing directly from my Nucleus+ And controlling the volume …they sounded absolutely stunning!

(Tony) #66

Yes, I would love to get a home demo of these (8cs and the Kiis), but I doubt it will be possible given the cost.

One pro-audio dealer I did see (UK), offered the Kiis on 30 day money back guarantee though. You buy the speakers under this scheme and they send you out the demo pair. Return them inside 30 days for a refund or confirm you want them and they send you a new pair out when they get the demo ones back.


The dealer brought both marques with him, the Kii’s and D&D’s…they both sounded stunning.

My own preference was the D&D’s, resistance was futile, so I ordered a pair! I can’t wait until they arrive…

(John B) #68

What will they be replacing?


(Sean) #69

Until I get a chance to demo myself, can you share what you heard were the SQ differences between them, to your ears/preferences- and what pushed you more to the 8C’s?

(Craig Palmer) #70

I’ve also listened to the Kii’s many times at my dealer and they do indeed sound awesome. I’ve come close to pulling the trigger multiple times. However I’m waiting for them to get the new BXT subwoofer add-ons in and have a listen. Kii Audio have updated their web site with BXT data now if you haven’t seen them. Anyone here seen them or/or heard them in person? They were demo’d at the high end audio show in munich. These should be available at the end of the year from what I’ve heard. They will be very pricey though…

Also my dealer also has had a discussion directly with Kii about the bit rate limitation and it’s likely they are developing a more substantial connection box (versus the existing) that will offer more flexible control and enable them to handle higher bit rates. This is a 2019 update per my understanding.

So, while the current versions are awesome, I’m personally going to be patient and let the platform develop a bit more.

(Tony) #71

The BXT is not viable for my wallet or living room (thankfully). However, your comment on the bit rate ‘limitation’ and control box update is both interesting and worrying. I can’t afford to shell out for that lot just to have Kii upgrade everything the minute I do so (presuming it isn’t just a software update). :slightly_frowning_face:

(Craig Palmer) #72

I agree @Anthony_Bates. I’m going to hold off until I know more BUT it could be quite a while. My dealer got nothing specific on timeframe other that “in 2019” and nothing regarding any upgrade path.

(Tony) #73

Yes, the control box upgrade is an existing rumour and not really a concern. It has all the inputs I need. I presume they may be thinking of a more upmarket pre-amp type box with switchable inputs? Never mind, based on the many many reviews I have read, the Dutch&Dutch 8Cs are in the lead for me, even though they are less attractive visually and a more boxy size than the Kiis.


The D&D 8C will replace some active speakers, which will move to another system.
The Main differences in my opinion. They both offer similar soundstage, the Kii reveals ever so slightly more micro detail, tad wider soundstage, but not the bass heft. The D&D sound is a tad warmer, much better bass out of the box, and for me just much more emotionally engaging. Playing Alfie Boe “Bring Him Home” had both my wife and I in tears…on the 8C
I don’t think you can go wrong with either speaker, they are both fantastic speakers for the money. What pushed me eventually to the D&D was the price, as I would probably hanker after the BXT unit for the Kii. The D&D do not need subs, even though I have a pair of Fathoms which may become redundant? I also think the D&D I will listen to for longer, without feeling tiresome.
If I had to sum the difference up, the Kii is a well produced, precisely engineered studio recording. The D&D is more like the same recording as a live event.


Customer review from the Kii website.

‘I have a pair of Kiis in all of my houses - I cannot be without them’*

Whoops, I think I’ve strayed too far outside of my economic domain. As you were.


Does he know how many houses he owns…?

I would love to own just a single pair!

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #77

Yep, me too

(Steve) #78

Anyone know if RoonReady is on the cards for the Three’s? (Apologies haven’t read the whole thread, but am planning to demo Dutch 8c and Threes very soon and know the Dutch is in progress…)

(Geoff Coupe) #79

No official word, only a hint:


I’ve said to Kii that they should consider making a PI ‘HAT’ with 3 or 4 kii-link ports for use with Ropieee/Dietpi/*. Would make the speakers RoonReady in a snap…