King Crimson not recognized as an Artist

King Crimson is coming up as a Composer, rather than an Artist, which means when you click on the link from an single album page it takes you to a blank page, rather than the detail rich page if you navigate to the Composer listing.

That’s odd. After reading you post I checked King Crimson in my collection and found the same photo & bio page you see for composer showing for both artist and composer. Not sure why your artist page is blank. Also, what’s with the ‘aka Discipline’.

@vaguedetails Hi Jared. The actual reason is that we have no artist ID equivalence to TIDAL’s “King Crimson”. I’ve made an edit and your library should sort itself out within a week. Thanks for the heads up!

Awesome. That explains why KC albums from my collection (not from Tidal) behave correctly. Thanks.