Kinks Tidal Masters

These are sounding seriously good. The Kinks never had the recording resources the Beatles had which is why I thought their CDs sounded so poor. The masters on Tidal certainly are a vast improvement.

Really enjoying making an MQA Kinks Greatest Hits Playlist.



Just playing Waterloo Sunset and it does sound really fresh in MQA. S WM BO is just singing along…lol taste test…

They do sound great. I used to collect The Kinks on vinyl despite the almost always disappointing sound quality. Selling those off probably paid for a few years of Tidal, heh. No regrets.

BTW—and hoping to not start any format wars here!—these are available as 24/96 on HDTracks for any who prefer that or would like to compare.

It’s a pity there isn’t a singles collection as quite a few of their classics were not original album tracks and these seem to be the original albums not the various expanded ones Sanctuary did over the years.


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found this , dont have it but it seemed unlikely not to exist …

Can I remember having that much hair to comb like that ??


  1. Long Tall Sally (2:15)
  2. You Still Want Me (2:00)
  3. You Really Got Me (2:17)
  4. All Day And All Of The Night (2:25)
  5. Tired Of Waiting For You (2:32)
  6. Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy (2:17)
  7. Set Me Free (2:14)
  8. See My Friends (2:46)
  9. Till The End Of The Day (2:21)
  10. Where Have All The Good Times Gone (2:52)
  11. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (3:02)
  12. A Well Respected Man (2:43)
  13. Sunny Afternoon (3:34)
  14. Dead End Street (3:18)
  15. Waterloo Sunset (3:16)
  16. Death Of A Clown (3:13)
  17. Autumn Almanac (3:12)
  18. David Watts (2:39)
  19. Susannah’s Still Alive (2:25)
  20. Wonderboy (2:50)
  21. Days (2:56)
  22. Plastic Man (3:06)
  23. Victoria (3:41)
  24. Lola (4:08)
  25. Apeman (3:53)

I found it on Tidal ??

Not remastered like the other albums though, which is I think what @Sloop_John_B was getting at.

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@joel @Sloop_John_B It would be nice if Tidal had this one…

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Ah Ah Moment

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