KKBOX-ROON integration is coming

KKBOX-ROON integtation is coming

KKBOX推無損音質家庭方案 預告將與播放軟體Roon聯手


It’s exciting to see Roon establishing partnerships in Asia. Many of us are buying HiFi components from Chinese OEMs. Roon developing an increased market and brand awareness in Asia will probably help raise awareness and interest in Roon which means more and better Roon Ready gear!

@OuYangMK @Cheung_Hon_Wah - do either of you happen to know if KKBOX is available in mainland China? I’m not familiar with them and the press release says they’re Taiwanese.

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KKbox only available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia currently

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Living in an island country in the Far East, what does KKBOX mean to me? I have only the impression that. His current KKBOX is Lossy. It’s not a big topic. If a service with sound quality equal to or better than that of a CD appears, there may be a response. However, yesterday (January 13th, Japan time), I received an email notification from a Japanese high-resolution sound source sales site under the umbrella of QOBUZ, saying that they were negotiating with a group to start a streaming service in Japan by the end of the year. I was one of his recipients of that email. Currently, audiophiles in Japan are only interested in QOBUZ starting streaming.

By the way, TIDAL does not have a service in Japan either. Japanese audio is far from the standard level of the world…

A lossless Asian streaming service would be very welcome. I used to buy hi-res files from Japanese online stores with a VPN… (grace mahya , meiko kaji for example)

Kkbox does 24/192 where available. You can configure it in the client.

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It’s worth a try if true. However, I checked the KKBOX site many times, but I couldn’t find any mention of high resolution. So I watched some Japanese information sites. All of them were listed as being up to 320kHz. Perhaps, the distribution for Japan may not be high resolution. It is an audio backward country.

I think this is the Taiwan home site

And Singapore

But not Japan

You could try a VPN to connect.

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Thank you ged_hickman1. After all, there is no high resolution service for Japan. Currently, only Amazon and Apple offer high-resolution streaming in Japan. Both are bad for audio. Please have mercy on me. Audiophiles living in Japan who haven’t started Tidal nor QOBUZ nor KKBOX Hi-Res service are having a hard time. As a result, Japanese audiophiles, including myself, benefit from VPN tricks.

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Rough translation of Wikipedia’s Chinese entry for KKBOX regarding sound quality:

KKBOX first launched the “Hi-Fi” lossless quality service in the Taiwan market in July 2020; and in 2021, it upgraded to support the “Hi-Res” of up to 24bit/192kHz.

My guess is that KKBOX has lost its enthusiasm for the Japanese archipelago.

Is KKBOX coming to the US ever? Sounds quite interesting…

  • What is the next step?
  • Are there any visible plans, schedule or roadmap?
  • Already contacted KKBOX, and they have indicated that there is no progress at the moment.

It hit early access today. Probably not good to use as your primary Roon experience, but you can see progress if you are willing to weather “beta” quality software.


interesting… I just downloaded Roon early access but I don’t see KKBox as an option for services.

It’s there on Build 1276.

EDIT: You need Build 1276 on all your devices.

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Same here. @Early_Access does anyone know how to solve it?

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Hi @Nick_Tseng1, did you also update remotes Early Access Build 1276?

see …

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