Knowledge base error (roon remote)

According to the roon knowledge base a Roon Remote on a supported iPad can be used as an Output… This is NOT the case unfortunately. Please correct this.
It’s possible using an additional app from Airfoil but not with the roon app alone.

Roon Remote
✓Control ✓Output
Installing Roon Remote on a supported iPad or Android tablet allows you to control Roon or Roon Server. Roon Remote does not include core functionality, but it can connect to a Roon or Roon Server on your network.

NOTE:You can also run Roon Remote on another Mac or PC, just install the Roon app and choose to run as a remote during setup.

Thanks Steve,

Let’s drop a flag for @mike to check it out. It may be this gets resolved with RoonBridge, but currently the iOS devices are Control only.

Got it – thanks @stevev1!