Knowledge related to installing ROCK on Intel NUC 10i7FNK, update BIOS, migration database, add NAS music folder etc

Yesterday, finally I got my new Intel NUC and all accessaries. Then I successfully installed rock in it. But there are still some issues or key points which should be noted. I will show them as below.

BTW, I’d like to thank Stephen. His sharing really helps me lot.

Specification for my NUC: 10i7FNK, 2x8G ddr4 2666, 500G M.2 SSD(WDSN750)

  1. update BIOS: Intel just updated the bios for 10i7FNK. The updated virsion file is “FN0046.cap”. You can search and download it according Roon’s official guide webpage. The installation is quite simple. But I suggest to use a larger USB flash disk if possible, eg 16G or larger. When I use a 1G USB flash disk, it always said “failed”. I don’t know why. Anyway, if you have the same issue, then you now know how to do.

  2. Migration database: I used Synology NAS(918+) for roon core before. When I change it to NUC, I need to migration my old database, especially for all modification for my albums collection. The official document is quite clear. Only one point should be noted. When you restore your backups, you should not add the music folders again. Please go to setting->storage. Edit your orignal folders’ path, browse, select, save. All your datebase will be recovered in your new NUC roon core.

  3. Add NAS music folder: Since NUC should be as pure as possible, it will be a good choice to add a nas share folder as roon music folder. The folder path should be like this, eg. \\YourServerName\music. Plz also don’t forget to input your username or password. The official guideline suggest to use “SMB://”, but \\ will be more simple.


If possible, please don’t use NAS as roon core and don’t install your roon core in spin hard disk. It is really big different for my experience, unless that you have a high-end NAS (eg. Synology DS1621xs+) . But the high-end NAS price will not be acceptable for most people.

Hope my experience could help you a little :wink:


I created a GitHub page similar to your information about my ROCK project.

Maybe these informations are useful too for anybody.