L1 Music Server storage device not recognized

I am running Windows on my PC and have set it up as my Roon Core. I had no trouble adding a QNAP TS-251 NAS for storage, which Roon recognizes. I just purchased a Lumin U1 for playback and a Lumin L1 for storing music files. When both Lumins are LAN-connected to my home network, they both display on my network under “Media Devices”, not as “Computers” (as does my QNAP NAS). Roon recognizes the Lumin U1 as a “Zone” for playback, but will not recognize the Lumin L1 storage device. I have tied adding it as a “Network Share” without success, getting an “invalid path” error no matter what I try. Can anyone help me to add the Lumin L1?

Lumin L1 runs a UPnP media server, but does not export the music via a network file system. Therefore Roon Core cannot see it via network. (L1 is meant to be a zero-configuration alternative to NAS, so it has no extra features beyond what is needed to support Lumin app).

You may connect L1 to the Roon Core PC as a USB HDD, then Roon Core can access the music files.