Labelling of the new album in Roon with "new" is missing in vers.1.8

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Roon Nucleus+

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Steaming Audio Devices NAD M10 + T+A MP 2500 R

Description Of Issue
Hallo Roon Support,

when I import new albums into Roon 1.8,
they are not labelled “NEW”.

This was a very important guide in the vers. 1.7
for newly imported albums.

Thanks for your help


Try one of the new features, goto Home, in the recent activity section click Added, you can slide left or right choose More and get a full page view, or you could try Album or Tracks view and sort by Date Added.

Then there’s Focus

thank you very much for your information.

I am aware of your function reference,
but there I don’t see the duplicate albums next to each other.

The labelling of newly added albums with “NEW” was much more comfortable in version 1.7.

When distinguishing recently added duplicate albums
it took only a few clicks with the function

Focus > Inspector > Duplicate,

but before that the albums have to be “sorted by artist”,

this worked great with vers. 1.7, was very quick and easy!

It would be super,
if one could reactivate this function with a software switch.

Kind regards

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