Laggy/Stuttering Roon Interface on Windows Machine

Seems like even GoldenSound is running into the same/similar issue issue. I followed his suggestion and it seems like it resolved the issue on my end as well. However this is not a real solution as it is more of a workaround until a fix is implemented.

To get around the issue you will need to disable G-Sync/V-Sync/Variable Refresh Rate on a system level. In my case I have an Nvidia GPU and I was able to disable G-Sync by going to Nvidia Control Panel > Set up G-Sync > Uncheck “Enable G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible”. Like I mentioned this is a horrible workaround as you would have to manually change this back when you try to play video games again.

All credit to him and I guess the earlier post I linked as they mentioned disabling G-Sync for Roon should help (didn’t work in my case, only disabling it for the whole system worked for me using the steps above):

Update: Reenabled G-Sync and Roon is somehow working as expected :slight_smile:

Make of that what you want I guess

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