Laggy/Stuttering Roon Interface on Windows Machine

Hi all, I have been using Roon for about a month now and the user interface has never been smooth. I’m not talking about searching or playing, just moving my mouse around the app is very choppy. My guess is that I have to change some stuff on my graphic settings to get around this but I’m out of ideas now.

When I use Nvidia Performance Overlay, I can see that the FPS drops quite considerably. And after a while of just moving my mouse around and scrolling the app just completely freezes. As soon as I hover my mouse over a different application/window my mouse starts moving normally without any issues.

I have tried restarting, reinstalling, even changed my Nvidia setting to disable V-Sync as per Help with laggy Roon interface and SLOW Tidal - HELP! - Support - Roon Labs Community but non of that helped.

Any help would be appreciated

My PC Specs:

  • Ryzen 7 5800X
  • 48GB RAM
  • 3080
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Ethernet
  • Roon Core and client
  • Music library is just Tidal

Having similar issues as a new user in windows. I have noticed that my mouse cursor will quickly turn on and off even when hovering over other applications as long as roon is not minimized to the task bar. As soon as roon minimizes, the mouse behavior returns to normal. Something with the way they want to hide the mouse during playback isn’t right.

Seems like even GoldenSound is running into the same/similar issue issue. I followed his suggestion and it seems like it resolved the issue on my end as well. However this is not a real solution as it is more of a workaround until a fix is implemented.

To get around the issue you will need to disable G-Sync/V-Sync/Variable Refresh Rate on a system level. In my case I have an Nvidia GPU and I was able to disable G-Sync by going to Nvidia Control Panel > Set up G-Sync > Uncheck “Enable G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible”. Like I mentioned this is a horrible workaround as you would have to manually change this back when you try to play video games again.

All credit to him and I guess the earlier post I linked as they mentioned disabling G-Sync for Roon should help (didn’t work in my case, only disabling it for the whole system worked for me using the steps above):

Update: Reenabled G-Sync and Roon is somehow working as expected :slight_smile:

Make of that what you want I guess

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