Lametric Time app


It is possible to create a small app for the LaMetric Time, which display only the playing track+ Artist. I just bought this device it will be very nice to see this displayed.

Cool gadget!
Ask them for a documentation of their API. If they supply it anything is possible.

Hi, I had sent an e-mail to them, let’s see if they answer.
Thank you



I managed to bring the title and artist(s) of a track to the Lametric Time by using Home Assistant.

This is the workaround:

Roon => roon-extension-mqtt (part of the extension manager, I have besides Home Assistant on a Pi3 with DietPi) => into a MQTT broker => Home Assistant integration “MQTT” => create automation

=> Trigger: “When an MQTT message was received”, topic “roon/living room/now_playing/one_line/line1” (Output Roon Extension MQTT for one-line displays, needs to be adjusted to the zone

=> Action: “Send notification with my_lametric” (may also have to be adjusted if the Lametric has a different name), then in the YAML editor.

service: notify.my_lametric
  message: "{{ trigger.payload }}"

The moment the title changes, the title and artist scroll through once. If playing web radio it shows all information shown in Roon like station URL, title of program and presenter, title of track and artist.

It took me two days to find out the solution, but it works like a charm!

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Hello Thomas,
I just installed Home Assistant and I can’t follow your instructions (I’m new with this).
Can you send me a screen shot of this procedure, to see how is working for you?