Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (The Paradise Edition) not in database?


I have the ripped 2CD Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (The Paradise Edition) in my library, but Roon only knows Born To Die (album) and Paradise (EP) as two separate releases (> identify album > none of these look right).

As this is quite a popular release, I wonder if I am maybe doing something wrong as I am a Roon newbie.

EDIT: Ok, I see that it’s not listed at allmusic, is this the reason?

Hi @econaut. The Paradise Edition is a one of many editions available under the main “Born To Die” album metadata.

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Ah, great! That’s an easy solution, thanks!

I have the second CD in a separate folder, though.

Now both CDs are recognized as two different albums.

Do I have to put all files into one folder or how can I add the second CD folder so it shows only as one album in the database?

Funnily enough, I’m playing this cover of Tiamat right now. Do you know this version? I must confess that I prefer the original.


Ha, Wildhoney is one if my alltime favourite albums!

I think I have heard that cover once and found it underwhleming. Will check it out later today.

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You can do both.


Go to her artist page, select (right click/long press) the two albums from the Overview tab>Albums in my library panel, click on the three dots in a circle that appears on the top banner, then Edit…>Merge albums.

Either method might require you to re-ID to select the specific edition (#15)

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Just checked it out: It starts boring and when when the chorus set in I had to turn it off instantly.

Besides the fact that I find cover versions most of the time worse than the original, Born To Die is probably her best song IMHO.

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