Language rating ("PG") filter?

First - loving the 1.2 release. Nice work all!

One feature that I didn’t find and that I hope might be an option given Roon’s extensive meta-data capabilities is a “PG” filter setting or similar, that would prevent selection of a track if it contained “foul” language. (Especially when using the Radio feature.)

This isn’t something that I generally worry about, but I had friends with small kids over the other day, and Radio selected a (Passenger) song with an occasional curse word. Given how easily kids pick up and start quoting new words, the parents would just as soon not have had the situation arise in the first place. It would be pretty slick to simply click a “PG” or similar filter setting and not have to worry about it.

Any chance this might be feasible in a future release? Thanks!

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I’d really like to see this too as I have two little ones. I thought about making a “Bad Language” tag, but there is no way - that I can see - to get Roon to filter them when it makes it’s playlists. Pretty much everybody, except me, just chooses discover playlists to play their music, so I was hoping to find a way to stop tracks with none PG language from getting into those playlists. But, I can’t seem to find a way to add my “Bad Language” tag to anything meaningful that may help the cause. Language is just language and doesn’t upset me, however, if my kid started smashing it out in nursery… that would be upsetting!

Welcome to the Roon community, @Mark_Cochrane.

This feature request from 2016 is available now.

Music metadata includes an Explicit tag, and this can be displayed using options under Settings > General. Likewise, profiles request DOB, so explicit content isn’t played, and Roon Radio can also filter such tracks.

Great. I’ll check that out. Thank you Martin!

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