Language Versions of Kpop Albums on MusicBrainz, but can't match to it

Content you’re reporting an issue with

ITZY - Not Shy (English Ver.)

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?

It’s being identified as the normal Korean version. However, MusicBrainz (and the tags on the files themselves) have been clearly tagged as the (English Ver.)

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local - Current files are done through local tags.

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

This album is consistently being matched as the Korean version rather than the English version. Confirming that both the Korean version and English version are listed on MusicBrainz with fully fleshed out metadata. However, it’s not showing up through the Roon’s identification, no matter how it is searched for unfortunately.

Just some additional context after getting even more of my library in - I’ve noticed this is a repetitive problem across a number of albums that are often released in various languages. Roon frequently wants to match the “main” Korean version, to the detriment of causing English and Japanese versions to be considered the Korean ones.

Manual matching (which I don’t mind doing) doesn’t even have the various language versions so it makes it impossible to correctly match.

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