history import and play recommandations through Roon?

I am total newbie to Roon and this forum too. So sorry if this has been discussed before.

My question:

I have been scrubbling to via LMS and Tidal since 2014. So no one knows more about my musical taste than

Is there a way to import my data to Roon ?? Scrubble history (play counts).

2 question:

Is it possible to play recommandations via Roon using Tidal ??


H @Michael_Callesen,

Unfortunately is no and no…

I’ve moved your topic over to the feature requests section of the board, so the Roon team will read it.

At the moment the only connection between Roon and LastFM is that Roon can scrobble by profile to LastFM.

It would be great to have the LastFM data available in Roon, particularly playable recommendations.


Having just come to Roon, paid up and invested in a core and loads of end points, I’m very keen to do more. However, I find myself going back to Spotify for my new release list and then finding the equivalent releases in Roon via Qobuz. According to my account I have been “scrobbling since 11 Aug 2007”, so there is a lot of data there, more data than Spotify has access to as that pre-dates Spotify.

It may be a cost/licensing issue, which is understandably a blocker to the data, but I would really like my recommendations and new release suggestions to be more like the Spotify ones, which seem more like what I want to hear or know are released this week, and sooner than learning organically.