support in Roon ARC?

I’m sure this is way down on the list of priorities, but I’m wondering if there are plans to bring the current Roon Remote scrobbling integration to Roon ARC?

(Enjoying ARC so far by the way, solid work team!)

It’s already there. Any plays on ARC will be reported back to the Roon core and then scrobbled.


Hmm, I tested it before posting and it’s not working for me…

Argh my bad. I didn’t realize it only posts after the song is completed. In Roon remote it happens in real time so that tripped me up. All good, thank you!

If the iphone is offline, and the tracks have been previously downloaded and then played, does it send the scrobblings to the roon server when it reconnects to the internet?

Yep, exactly.


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