Last nightly reboot crashed all my pi's

Hey @spockfish Harry, this morning I awoke to all my Ropieee looking like stuck in limbo…no GUI but did have text on the screens and had SSH access but no roon.

power off and on seemed to gave worked and now all on V2,470 I think was 2,466 or maybe 2,469 when I restarted them all after reboots were indicated yesterday evening.

something about turning on then off power save on a couple of the hung displays. one had something else

also noticed 2 different you device is updating icons…I like the squared one. One other thing can we get sorting uptime?

Grab 2020-03-26 at  13.37.21 Grab 2020-03-26 at  13.37.13

This is a crash of the wireless driver. Not sure what happened…

yes 4 are on wifi (built in not USB) but one was on LAN but also has wifi option on. other units I just powered up and they updated normally from 2466 I think to 2470 now. 11 units in all now on 2470 beta.

anything running 24/7 is setup to reboot at 6:xx AM daily all my units are beta channel

how you holding up in holland with lockdowns etc?

is there a way to run feedback from the command line next time I have something like this where ssh works and gui is toast?

In this case the kernel crashed, which means that the system is dead and cannot be reached over SSH.
Not sure what caused this though.

Lockdown over here (or more precisely a ‘intelligent lockdown’) is what it is: annoying but necessary. There are first (careful) signs of numbers slowing down, so let’ hope for that.


3 had SSH no issues but 1 or 2 I just pulled the plug so maybe would have been ok or not anyway all fine now.

Stay safe Harry, and everyone for that matter too.

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I think its happened again

All display units stuck updating but I managed a feedback 90e94f34d68623c4

Same display on all 3. Going to try ssh restarts for everything again

No this last one is a bug in one of the beta updates. This is fixed when they update again.

sorry, feedback did not arrive due to issues with my VPS again :frowning

Shall I resend as yet to reboot them?

well anyway here is another feedback in case 8d5d45f6be0a4e0b

Well I copied and pasted the reboot web command and edit for each of the pi’s IP address and so all rebooted now. Fingers x no more issues for you, or us :wink:

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