Lastest update hosed QNAP Roon - Can't access any Roon Server

Running the Roon app on my iPhone Roon prompted me to update my Roon Server on QNAP After the update received the message that the database was corrupt.

Followed instructions from

to delete the Roon server and reinstall from the QNAP app store. Did that, got version V2021-10-03.

I start Roon on the QNAP, hit open for Roon in the QNAP app center, and get the error

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

Tried to use the Roon Server on my iMac. Roon on my iMac just gives me a “There was an issue loading your database” error. There is no way to point it to the iMac Roon server. Same thing for the Synology server, no way to point to it.

So I can’t access either of my 3 Roon servers. 1 has a corrupt database, the other 2 are inaccessible from the Roon app.