Lastfm, discogs, and other cool playlists suggestions in Roon

I like to discover music. But I mean really discovering. Not only following algorithms. Listening to user created playlists also. Like 8tracks, but their quality was really too bad.

On Spotify I can discover lots of user playlists. In a mood for some indian classical music ? Obscure folk tracks ? Some cool tunes from the psychadelic era ? I will always find someone who populated a cool playlist.
Other websites are great of course, like Discogs. And my dear old lastfm. I have close to 200k scrobbles there so their suggestions are really accurate.

On the other hand… there is Tidal… And well Tidal is Tidal: Like Apple, they are totally closed to user playlists and want to decide what my tastes are. And they are really bad at it.

It’s somehow the only missing piece of Roon: When I’m listening to a song (right now Hard Joy, from Mai Lan on Spotify because I wanted to see what recommended me) I would like to see, after my music, tidal music etc, a section with: Your lastfm recommendation, suggested playlists from this and that source". And of course, one day, Roon users public playlists.

Does anyone else share this dream ?


+1000…For me this is would be the holy grail of music library / playback software. Capture data from different sources of playback (phone, PC, etc), recommend music, allow me to discover on my own, interact with other music lovers…


As in all musical matters, it’s subjective. I like some of Tidal’s playlists a lot, but you have to be prepared to root around. If you’re expecting stellar playlists to appear on the front page, then disappointment will ensue.

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+1 for me. That would truly be the holy grail.

There is a step toward this if you use soundiiz which is a playlist converter. Freemium service- the free version converts from your private playlists in say Spotify to private in Tidal. The paid version will convert and keep up to date followed lists.
This service started out looking like “my first visual basic program” but has developed over time now includes a lot of services.

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Agree that discovery/auto playlists are the weakest part of the software currently. Even something like Soundiiz is just for Tidal; let’s say we want to have better discover on our own music library? Currently it’s not possible.

What would be really cool is a community of user playlists plus better algorithms in Roon for mood type playing or better specification of the kinds of songs to include or exclude. And, it should be “Tidal independent” in the sense that Roon shouldn’t care if the tracks come from my library or from Tidal.

Agree +1000, I’m sad to drop Spotify for this reason. I like 8tracks, although it has come on hard times.

I think the Roon customers are an amazing source of recommendations, would love some ability to tap into that via Roon itself. Top Roon User Songs per day, week, month, etc. (Anonymized of course unless person gives explicit permission).

I spend a lot of time in the What Are You Listening To Now thread, would be great to be able to Share a Tidal link to a song or album and/or have an automatic post and retrieve to a special part of the forum here. Like a group party list shared via the forum or via Roon server.