Latest BluOS software update

Have been using Bluesound Node 2i for a while, very happy with device and sound quality.
However, have noticed that the interface for BlueOS seems to have changed radically over the last few weeks.
In particular, Roon has disappeared from the list of linked services. It still shows up in my own selected services because I had previously linked in the old version of the app, but when I click on it it nothing happens.
Also when I click on Bluetooth nothing happens now.
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app - no difference.
Anyone else had issues with/noticed substantive changes to BlueOS after the latest update?

My Node 2i works normally. Roon is visible and Bluetooth is working. Latest update installed.

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My BluOS iPad screen.

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@Chrislayeruk what happens when you click on Roon?

It shows me what is playing in Roon. It didn’t take me to the app

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When I click on the Roon icon nothing happens. Takes me to exactly whatever screen I was in before. I will try rebooting Bluesound Node 2i, since reinstalling app made no difference.

This is how my BluOs app on Mac looks like when I am playing music in Roon:

Ok, this is how to get to Roon.

Select Roon, click on now playing bar to get to the first screenshot.

Click three dot menu

Select open Roon app


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@Chrislayeruk I remember it used to give you the Roon interface or some of it within the BlueOS app. Which never really made sense anyway.
But I get what it’s doing now, all clear.
Unless I imagined the whole thing.
But I’m sure the BlueOS menu used to have a lot more options, eg MQA playlists, etc.
Thanks for taking the time to screenshot - appreciated!

I think you may be right about taking you straight to Roon. Things have changed…

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