Latest roon update

Been distracted for a few days with more important stuff, but finally got back to listening to music.

Just wanted to report that I got the build 571 notification. I clicked update all and it did that with no drama and picked right back up where the previous version left off playing.

I am running Windows for core and client playback on a wired network. For my android control, had to go to the play store to update. No drama there either.

I gripe about a lot of roon weirdness and whatnot, but the update process is slick, and for me, bulletproof. So credit where credit is due.


Same for me on Mock core and iOS clients. Tidal and Qobuz, no issues.


Forgot to mention, I also use Qobuz streaming integrated with roon. No drama there either.

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There are quite a number of the other threads for which the mute button is coming in handy :slight_smile:


I find the less time I spend here the more I enjoy Roon (and music).


I guess I misunderstood this post. Sorry I flagged it.