Latest version of QNAP package

Didn’t expect it but when I had a look at my QNAP console I was notified an update of the QNAP package was available. I updated and everything works just fine as usual.
But, what had changed in this package (V2019-06-09)?

The changelog for the NAS installers are published on the roononnas website.

The recent QNAP update addressed the following issues:

  • The QNAP API calls might not work when the web ui is opened in the browser by the local hostname.
  • The “Download Logs” button, will also download the stdout log file.
  • An error is fixed, which checks if the database directory location exists before Roon Server starts.
  • Additional info in the log file, to help reproduce certain issues in the future.
  • The ‘home’ and ‘homes’ directories have been removed as a database location option

Thanks Christopher, didn’t know of that site!
As always, your efforts are highly appreciated!