LCD Carbon Fiber Headband

So, I have a pair of original LCD-XC with the wooden earcups with a single leather-covered headband that I find I never really use anymore because of the general un-comfortability of the weight and how they sit. I recently saw that Audeze sells the Carbon Fiber headband for about US$200 which was standard with the LCD-4s as well as the Steel version at $125.
My question is: has anyone upgraded their older heavier planars with either of these headbands? is the $75 difference justified by the lower weight on the carbon fibers? I just spent more modifying my Grados than they were actually worth so I’m a little gun shy to start messing with the Audeze…

I tried the Carbon fiber headband with the LCD-X that originally had the non-leather band. When I purchased them, I also received the standard weight new design headband. I didn’t think it made much of a difference, and returned the Carbon fiber headband, and kept the new design metal (*steel) headband.

The LCD-Xs were heavy in either circumstance. I ended up selling them due to comfort issues.

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My experience is not too dissimilar to Robert’s. I had the original leather headband on my LCD-Xs which I found uncomfortable due to the weight. I bought the carbon headband and found it helped, but you are definitely still aware of the weight of the headphones during longer listening sessions.

I’ve not tried the steel headband. I bought a pair of Focal headphones and find them far more comfortable.


Thank you both. I admit I was unreasonably hoping that someone would say how the upgraded bands changed their Audeze experience and were worth every penny. The reality of it being only a marginal improvement, either way, is certainly levelling my expectations.
Decisions, decisions…

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