Leave Early access

I would like to leave early access, I’ve searched and there are links to pages but I cant see where to do it.

Could someone share a like to the opt out page?


I’m in the same position. I cannot find out how to opt out of early access and I can’t access my core, like lots of other posters. I have resorted to deleting and reinstalling my core which now works fine except I would like to restore from a backup but the only backups I have are early access so I am fearful of using them. Could someone please advise what to do?

Instructions on leaving are in the article.


“Leaving the Early Access program is as simple as signing up. All you have to do is install the current production version of Roon on your devices.”

@support How do i do this on sonicorbiter though?

You will need to contact Small Green Computer. @agillis will be able to get you switched over.

It is not possible to run BETA version of Roon on the sonicTransporter.

If you want to reinstall Roon you can do that using the software manager. There are detailed directions in the Roon troubleshooting section of the sonicorbiter.com FAQ.

Hi, I also wish to leave the earlyaccess program. I have found the following instructions but having problems with them:

  1. Download the instruction file and save it on your computer. Do not modify the name, extension, or content of this file.
  2. Navigate to the /Data/Reinstall directory on your Nucleus / ROCK.
  3. Copy the instruction file that you downloaded into the Reinstall directory.
  4. Visit the RoonOS admin page and click on the “Reinstall” button

The problem is: There is no Reinstall directory on my ROCK. It just isn’t there. So, no way for me to copy a file there.

Any help? Thanks a lot!!

If you don’t have the Reinstall directory then you aren’t running the current version of RoonOS on your ROCK. My guess is that Roon is prompting you to update (go to settings → about). If it isn’t then reboot your ROCK and check for updates again.

Once on RoonOS 254 production you will be able to use the self-service mechanism to switch over to the production Roon track.


Fantastic – that did the trick. Many thanks indeed!!

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How do I get Roon server back to Production release on ROCK, the article only talks about moving RoonOS to production or Early Access but not the server? Do I just follow the same princible?

Yes, follow the guidelines.
If you have trouble report back here.

All done. Thanks for confirming.

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Roon assured me that the Early access program code is well tested and stable. It’s not available on the sonicTransporter

now :slight_smile:

Well sure, but the early access users are testing new releases and finding bugs before genpop, exactly as they are supposed to be doing. So depending on your definition of well-tested and stable you may be either excited to be a part of that (as I am) or really ticked off (as some people are). I personally don’t think the pros/cons/experience of early access was well-articulated, but that’s me. I’d take strong issue with “well-tested” and “stable”, but for me the juice is certainly worth the squeeze.

Edit: I should add that Roon early access has largely been usable for me, nearly as much as production, but I do have app crashes and parts of new functionality that seem hinky and usually get fixed within a few days. I also have had a single partial day of not being able to use Roon because of a version mismatch I got into that I couldn’t fix myself. Doesn’t bother me too much, I have many other ways to play music. I love Roon but am not crippled by its temporary absence or it’s flaws, others feel very differently as evidenced by much of the discourse on this forum.